Welcome to Elderly Parents Community ExPo 2014

Being or feeling responsible for an elderly parent or relative is stressful enough.

Even when the communication barriers have been removed, the difficult conversations started and general plans have been made, where do you start looking for information and assistance to make those vital purchase decisions?

To help you, we have created a unique on-line market of products and services that are designed to either help you to finance the later years of your parents and older relatives or make them easier, more enjoyable and more comfortable.

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Elderly Parents ExPo is your own personal exhibition.

Visit us whenever you feel the need - we and our exhbitors will be here.

But let your cursor do the hard work!

Start your tour now by selecting a hall from the list below.

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The Elderly Parents Virtual Tradeshow is sponsored by Rest of Their Life - your one stop shop for products and services for your elderly loved ones: