Coping with Stress

More and more children are beginning to worry about what the future holds as their parents enter their later years, resulting in what experts are calling Elderly Parent Responsibility Stress Syndrome (EPRSS).

Major social changes such as increased life expectancy and poor pension provision are seen as the root causes. In a recent survey, 57% of people responded that they were concerned that the assets and pensions of elderly relatives were insufficient for them to remain independent for the rest of their lives.

The welfare of the elderly is a major concern but many find it understandably difficult to broach the subject with their own parents. However, we have found that an elderly mother or father often wants the reassurance or active participation of their children on everything from simple purchases to major investment choices

Our Top Tips for Tackling EPRSS

1. Take control of the situation

2. Seek advice from friends and professionals (remember we are here to help)

3. Plan ahead

4. Don't feel guilty

5. Engage your parents - it's good to talk