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Advice on Care are a leading firm of national care fees advisers who specialize in offering professional impartial advice to relatives and Powers of Attorney acting for those who need care, to help them guarantee both the care required and to preserve as much capital as possible.

Advice on Care’s principal Keith Hargraves, has over 27 years experience of offering personal financial advice and has also experienced at first hand the anxiety anyone admitting a relative into care has, because his own mother had to go into care. This is why he set up Advice on Care to offer clear professional care fees planning to families facing the same dilemma.

To request a complimentary copy of Advice on Care’s easy to read guide to all you need to know about Long Term Care - including the benefits of Care Fees Annuities.

Why consider care fees or long term care annuities?

Approximately one in three people will need long term care residential care at some stage in their lives and the costs can be high: According to A-Z Care Homes Guide, average weekly fees for residential care in the UK was £369 p. w. during 2009 increasing to £469 p.w. for nursing care. It also comes with the uncertainty of not knowing how long care will be required.

If you simply try an meet cost out of savings, rather than a product such as a long term care fees annuity, there is a real possibility of money being seriously eroded or even a change in care required particularly if the person needing care lives longer than expected.

To help overcome this insurers have developed Immediate Need Care Annuities (also referred to as Long Term Care Annuities).

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