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Age Content removes the worry of managing elderly care, the time-consuming research and administration, and the need to deal with multiple stakeholders. We also provide local and practical solutions for the elderly when family carers can't be close by. Our personal and trusted one-stop service allows us to tailor a range of solutions to suit your budget and circumstances, whilst our approach delivers value through saving you time, giving you peace of mind, and controlling the total cost of care.

Age Content's founders wanted to create a service that answered their needs as family 'care-givers', and the needs of their elderly relatives. They each had elderly parents; they needed to gain some relief from the worry of managing their parent’'s care, giving their families back precious time and peace of mind.

They wanted a service that sensitively dealt with the issue of caring for elderly relatives over the long term, which balanced the wider responsibilities of work and their own families.  Not least, they wanted practical help in navigating the complexities of the current care system.

Using their combined experiences– - including adult care, customer service and field-force management -– they launched Age Content.

Within the increasingly complex care system, and competitive market place, Age Content is a 'hands-on' support service providing its customers with a long-term solution for the needs of elderly relatives, from the most independent to those requiring specialist care services]

Age Content’s care management and retirement support services include:

> Needs and carers assessments

> Care home search and selection

> Set-up of at-home care services

> Relocation

> Administrative and research support for carers

> Visiting and help-line for the elderly

> 24/7 emergency response


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