Many of the people we care about most can be vulnerable elderly parents or relatives, individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia, children, teenagers and those with learning difficulties.

We all know someone who could benefit from a buddi.
Buddi is the best of assistive technology in today's world. Not only can buddi locate the wearer within minutes if they are lost or fail to return home, it can also send an alert if they have fallen and are struggling to get up again.

This reliable service increases safety for the elderly and can also encourage independent living.

Buddi is also perfect for children and young people. As long as your child has a buddi, you are able to keep them safe - they can be located within minutes and buddi can alert you if your child has gone somewhere they shouldn’t.

Buddi is a passive and discreet GPS device, which summons an effective and immediate response when help is needed.
Your loved ones get the freedom and independence they want. You get the comfort of knowing that buddi is watching over them when you can't.

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