Richmond Villages

For residents of a Richmond Village, the idea that life can get better as they get older is more than just a welcome thought, it's a distinct possibility.

They have chosen to live in a Richmond Village because they want to get the most from their retirement years whilst maintaining their independence for as long as possible. Purpose built to the highest possible standards, our luxury retirement communities allow people to enjoy an independent lifestyle within a supportive continuing care community. With it comes the freedom from worry about having to move again should their circumstances change.

It's never too soon to consider moving to a Richmond Village. They offer an enviable lifestyle for those who rely on extra care as much as for those who don't. This is because of their flexible approach to each individual and their circumstances. No one can predict their future, but those who live in a Richmond Village know that whatever it holds, we can meet their needs.

Let's be realistic for a moment. How many of us find ourselves living in houses that are too big for our needs, costly to run and quite probably with a garden that's too big to maintain without help? What would happen if an unlucky accident or an unforeseen illness meant we were no longer able to move around easily or even climb the stairs?

One option would be to move to a conventional care home, though for many this seems like a drastic step and loss of independence is not something that anyone relishes. An alternative would be to stay put and use the services of an outside care agency. The problem is the sense of isolation that many feel when they are 'stuck' at home and not able to get out and about. Housing for the elderly also includes sheltered housing. But is one warden enough to meet the needs of every resident for the rest of his or her life?

The answer for a growing number of people is to move to a Richmond Care Village. Quite simply, they are wonderful places to live.

Richmond Villages
South Street
Oxfordshire OX12 9JY

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