Telecare Technology

Many elderly or vulnerable people want to live independently; our Welfare Check service allows them to maintain their independence by offering a discreet and non-intrusive telephone call to check on their well being.

With all the goodwill in the world, relatives and carers can’t be available 24 hours a day. Welfare Check telephones an elderly or vulnerable person up to 3 times per day and all is required in return, is a simple button press for them to confirm that all is well.

If a response is received the system will know the person is safe and well. In the event that a response is not received, the system waits 30 minutes before trying again. If this subsequent call is also not responded to, the system sends an SMS text message and an e-mail to inform up to six relatives or carers, which alerts them that further attention may be required.

The Welfare Check can be the supplementary solution to providing support to all those in need. The simple introduction of one Welfare Check per day can reassure an elderly or vulnerable service user that they are being monitored discreetly and cared for reliably. We know the importance of human contact but in some cases a simple phone call to check on their welfare, can be all that’s needed.

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